Configuration files


glue has around 30 command line options. Remember all of them every time you need to rebuild your sprites could be really annoying. If you are using glue as part of your assets rebuild process and you want consistent executions over time, using configuration files could be a good idea.

The only thing you need to do is create a file named sprite.conf inside your sprite folder (or project folder if you want to apply this settings to your entire project) and glue will override your command line options using these settings. Project-level and sprite-level configuration files can coexist:

    ├── actions
    │   ├── add.png
    │   ├── remove.png
    │   └── sprite.conf
    └── icons
    │   ├── comment.png
    │   ├── new.png
    │   └── rss.png
    └── sprite.conf

If for example you want to change the namespace and the default padding to all your sprites you can add this to your project-level sprite.conf:


If the actions images needs to be cropped and have a different padding, you can create add the following settings to your new actions/sprite.conf file:


If the remove.png image needs to have 10px margin and 0px padding you can append a new section to your actions/sprite.conf like the following:


This will override any previous setting about margin or padding affecting remove.png.


project-level, sprite-level and image-level settings override any environmnet or command-line settings. More information in the settings section

Available configuration

Configuration File setting Project-level Sprite-level Image-level
recursive X X  
follow_links X X  
force X X  
algorithm X X  
algorithm_ordering X X  
css_dir X X  
css_namespace X X  
css_sprite_namespace X X  
css_url X X  
css_cachebuster X X  
css_cachebuster_filename X X  
css_separator X X  
css_template X X  
css_pseudo_class_separator X X  
less_dir X X  
scss_dir X X  
img_dir X X  
generate_image X X  
png8 X X  
ratios X X  
html_dir X X  
cocos2d_dir X X  
caat_dir X X  
json_dir X X  
json_format X X  
crop X X X
padding X X X
margin X X X


You can’t enable output formats using configurations files. If for example you add less_dir to your sprite.conf this would only override less output fodler if less is already an enabled output format.