Settings Priority

Remember that environment variables would override glue’s defaults but their priority is lower than command line options.

From higher priority to lower priority:

  1. Image settings (from configuration file)
  2. Sprite settings (from configuration file)
  3. Command line settings
  4. Environment variables
  5. Default settings

Every command-line option available in glue is configurable using environment variables.


New in version 0.9

Settings Map

Command-line arg Environment Variable Configuration File setting
–source GLUE_SOURCE source
–output GLUE_OUTPUT output
-q –quiet GLUE_QUIET quiet
-r –recursive GLUE_RECURSIVE recursive
–follow-links GLUE_FOLLOW_LINKS follow_links
-f –force GLUE_FORCE force
-w –watch GLUE_WATCH watch
–project GLUE_PROJECT project
-a –algorithm GLUE_ALGORITHM algorithm
–ordering GLUE_ORDERING algorithm_ordering
–css GLUE_CSS css_dir
–less GLUE_LESS less_dir
–less-template GLUE_LESS_TEMPLATE less_template
–scss GLUE_SCSS scss_format
–scss-template GLUE_SCSS_TEMPLATE scss_template
–namespace GLUE_CSS_NAMESPACE css_namespace
–sprite-namespace GLUE_CSS_SPRITE_NAMESPACE css_sprite_namespace
-u –url GLUE_CSS_URL css_url
–cachebuster GLUE_CSS_CACHEBUSTER css_cachebuster
–cachebuster-filename GLUE_CSS_CACHEBUSTER css_cachebuster_filename
–separator GLUE_CSS_SEPARATOR css_separator
–css-template GLUE_CSS_TEMPLATE css_template
–pseudo-class-separator GLUE_CSS_PSEUDO_CLASS_SEPARATOR css_pseudo_class_separator
–img GLUE_IMG img_dir
–no-img GLUE_GENERATE_IMG generate_image
–no-css GLUE_GENERATE_CSS generate_css
-c –crop GLUE_CROP crop
-p –padding GLUE_PADDING padding
–margin GLUE_MARGIN margin
–png8 GLUE_PNG8 png8
–ratios GLUE_RATIOS ratios
–retina GLUE_RETINA ratios
–html GLUE_HTML html_dir
–cocos2d GLUE_COCOS2D cocos2d_dir
–json GLUE_JSON json_dir
–json-format GLUE_JSON_FORMAT json_format
–caat GLUE_CAAT caat_dir