Glue is a simple command line tool to generate sprites:

$ glue source output
  • Automatic Sprite (Image + Metadata) creation including:
    • css (less, scss)
    • cocos2d
    • json (array, hash)
    • CAAT
  • Automatic multi-dpi retina sprite creation.
  • Support for multi-sprite projects.
  • Create sprites from multiple folders (recursively).
  • Multiple algorithms available.
  • Automatic crop of unnecessary transparent borders around source images.
  • Configurable paddings and margin per image, sprite or project.
  • Watch option to keep glue running watching for file changes.
  • Project-, Sprite- and Image-level configuration via static config files.
  • Customizable output using jinja templates.
  • CSS: Optional .less/.scss output format.
  • CSS: Configurable cache busting for sprite images.
  • CSS: Customizable class names.

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